Benefits of Owning a 7 x 12 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Owning 7 x 12 enclosed cargo trailers offers a number of benefits. The first benefit is an obvious one which is its larger size space totaling 588 cubic feet. Unlike other trailers that have obstructions that limit the space, our trailers give owners plenty of space for loading goods and equipment from the floor to the ceiling. This is a big advantage when needing to transport a variety of large, bulky items and fragile items like glass.


Also, our 7×12 enclosed cargo trailers offers additional security benefits because the contents cannot be viewed by the public. Plus, our 32” wide aluminum locking door with external light offers additional protection for keeping contents secure. It also conveniently doubles as a mobile storage unit offering maximum flexibility and another valuable money-saving benefit.

Weather Protection

While traveling, adverse weather conditions including wind, rain and heat can strike at any time. This can cause considerable damage to boxed items and electrical equipment that do not have the protections that our 7 x 12 enclosed cargo trailers offer. Also, light weight objects can flop around in the wind in open air trailers making your trip even more arduous.


When you consider the cost of renting or leasing, owning 7×12 enclosed cargo trailers is often a much less expensive option.  Trailers used for renting usually have been used over and over and may not always be in the best condition. And when you own a trailer not only will you not have to worry about returning the trailer on a specific date, you will have its exclusive use whenever the need arises.

Custom Built

Our 7×12 enclosed cargo trailers are custom built to your specifications using top quality construction and expert craftsmanship with an unbeatable five year warranty.  Convenient nationwide shipping options are also available or you can arrange for pick-up at our factory right here in the USA.

To order your custom built 7 x 12 enclosed cargo trailer direct from the factory, contact us at (912) 850-8374 today! We offer direct and indirect Nationwide delivery!