4 Amazing Benefits of Owning a 6 x 12 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Whether you are an occasional user or a full-time hauler, there are a lot more benefits to owning a 6 x 12 enclosed cargo trailer than you may realize. Aside from the financial benefits, you don’t have the contract restrictions and limitations that you normally have with rentals. This gives you the freedom to move equipment, vehicles and goods whenever and wherever duty calls.


Since you don’t already own a 6×12 enclosed cargo trailer, you probably haven’t given much thought to customizing it to better fit your needs. Or, perhaps you have. When you own an enclosed cargo trailer you can paint it in whichever color you prefer, you can add your company logo to help solicit more business while on the road or at job site. Also, you can make other improvements that would help make your business more efficient.

Weather Protection

Unlike an open trailer that will leave your haul exposed to inclement weather and road debris, a 6×12 enclosed cargo trailer will protect your valuable contents from rain, strong winds, and snow. In addition, one of the most common complaints from drivers using rentals is a leaky roof that soaks their cargo. Owning a 6 x 12 enclosed cargo trailer will better protect your contents from these types of incidents.

Hauling Capacity

Upgrading to a 6 x 12 enclosed cargo trailer will increase your hauling capacity resulting in more profits. For starters, it offers a floor-to-ceiling height of 6’ 3” which provides you with valuable additional space. In addition, since our trailers are built on a boxed frame, rather than an I-beam, you can carry heavier loads like utility vehicles and equipment.


Any security expert will tell you that one of the best ways to protect your contents is to hide them from plain sight. And a 6 x 12 enclosed cargo trailer does just that. Plus, its steel bolted locking mechanism secures your cargo and makes it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain entry. This gives you better assurances that when you stop for a quick bite or park the vehicle for the evening, your contents will be waiting when you return.

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